Purchasing Frameworks

This section includes information and advice on ICT Purchasing Frameworks. If you have a specific queries in this area, please email these to ictadvice@pdst.ie.


Wireless Networking Procurement Framework:
As of May 2016, a new ‘Wireless Networking and Associated Services’ procurement framework has been put in place for all schools and educational institutions. For more information on this framework go to: www.pdsttechnologyineducation.ie/en/Technology/Networking-Wireless-Networks/

Digital Projector frameworks:
The following two frameworks are available for schools to use to specify, seek quotes and purchase projectors while achieving value for money.
Short-Throw Projector.doc (size 193 KB)
Long-Throw Projector.doc (size 112.1 KB)

Apple iPad, Macbook and iMac Framework
A new procurement framework is available for schools to assist in purchasing Apple iPad, Macbook and iMac and associated services. We have developed a guideline for schools on using the framework which is available at: Guideline-Apple-Framework(2017).doc (size 88.6 KB)

Chromebook & Android Devices Framework
A new procurement framework is available for schools to assist in purchasing Chromebook & Android devices and associated services. We have developed a guideline for schools on using the framework, and this is available at: Guideline-Chromebook-Android-Framework(2017).doc (size 313.3 KB)

Framework for T4/DCG CAD Software and Computers for Post-Primary Schools:
Following a public procurement competition, a contract for CAD Software for Schools has been awarded to Solid Solutions Ireland, the national reseller of Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corporation 3D Software, SOLIDWORKS, for the next six years. The Department of Education and Skills (DES) purchased this software directly following a procurement process involving representatives from the DES and various partner bodies.

Also, following a comprehensive testing and evaluation process, approved Mini Tower PC and Notebooks/Laptops have been chosen to run the SolidWorks 3D CAD software for the DCG subject in Post Primary schools. These computers were specially customised to meet the demands of running SolidWorks in a classroom environment and achieved the highest score in a public tender competition coordinated by the Department of Education and Skills and involving PDST, the State Examinations Commission (SEC), the Inspectorate, a number of highly experienced DCG teachers/practitioners and PDST Technology in Education.

Full details on how to order the MiniTower PC & Notebook computers, including specifications and order forms, are available at www.t4.ie.

Procurement Frameworks
Before Procurement Frameworks are put in place and available for schools to use,  a public procurement competition is run to select approved framework  vendors who meet certain criteria and are able  to provide ongoing quality ICT products/services. The objective of Frameworks is to deliver best value for money (VFM) through ongoing competition between framework suppliers on quality of service, cost, and value for money.

How the Procurement Framework process works:

  1. Schools can receive quotes for ICT equipment and services from approved suppliers by sending a Request for Quote (RFQ) to the specific framework email address. Each framework has its' own specific email address. Refer to the specific framework for more details. Schools should be open and transparent and state the evaluation criteria by which the winning bid will be selected (for example by stating evaluation criteria as 'Cost 80%, suitability for intended use 20%' etc.
  2. Schools should allow sufficient time - typically 5 days working days- for approved framework providers to provides quotes.
  3. Once responses are received, schools should evaluate the responses and check that the quotes they receive match their stated requirements.
  4. Once a decision has being made on the successful response, schools should confirm delivery details with the successful vendor. It is also good practice to inform the other bids of their unsuccessful outcome.
  5. Schools are obliged to ensure that they treat all vendors fairly and equally (non-discriminatory, to all vendors).

Seeking quotes from other suppliers:
School may seek quotes from other IT suppliers, including local suppliers, and are not restricted to purchasing from Framework suppliers. It is important that schools purchase fit for purpose products from suitable suppliers, that they feel will provide a quality support service, warranty etc.

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