Purchasing Frameworks

This section includes information and advice on ICT Purchasing Frameworks. If you have a specific queries in this area, please email these to ictadvice@pdst.ie.


Change in DES policy regarding Procurement and Procurement Frameworks.

Until recently the PDST Technology in Education (PDST-TiE) has provided ICT ‘procurement framework’ guidelines and support to assist schools in purchasing ICT equipment and infrastructure, including PCs, Notebooks, Apple equipment including iPads, Android Tablets  & Chromebooks, Digital Projectors etc.

The Department of Education and Skills (DES) has recently changed its policy regarding procurement of ICT for schools. As a result of this policy change the PDST-TiE is no longer in a position to provide schools with procurement frameworks guidelines for PCs, Notebooks, Apple equipment, Android Tablets & Chromebooks and Digital Projectors. PDST-TiE will however continue to provide guidelines and support for the two procurement frameworks listed below, namely the Wireless Networking (wifi) Framework and ‘T4-DCG CAD PC and Notebook Computers’, both of which remain in place for schools to use.

So in summary the revised DES policy is that except in the case of the Wireless Networking (wifi) Framework and ‘T4-DCG CAD PC and Notebook Computers framework, schools are requested to engage with other ICT procurement frameworks via the two organisations who have procurement responsibility in this area, namely:

a) The Schools Procurement Unit (SPU); email: procurementsupport@jmb.ie; Phone: 01-2035899

b) The Office of Government Procurement (OGP); email: support@ogp.gov.ie; Phone: 076 100 8000

Further information on DES Policy on Procurement

The following two ICT Procurement Frameworks are still fully supported by PDST-TiE:

Wireless Networking (ie Wifi) Procurement Framework:
To assist schools in purchasing a fit for purpose wifi system for their school a ‘Wireless Networking and Associated Services’ procurement framework was developed for all schools and educational institutions. The guideline on how to use this framework to procure wifi is available at: www.pdsttechnologyineducation.ie/en/Technology/Networking-Wireless-Networks/

T4/DCG CAD Software and Computers for Post-Primary Schools:
Solidworks is the CAD software used by Post Primary schools for DCG/t4. The contract for Solidworks is between the Department of Education and Skills (DES) and Solid Solutions Ireland, who are the only approved provider of the software to 'DCG/t4'.

Also, following a public tender competition and evaluation process, approved Mini Tower PC and Notebooks were chosen to run the SolidWorks 3D CAD software for the DCG subject in Post Primary schools. These computers are customised to run SolidWorks. When schools purchase these approved PCs & Notebooks they are provided by the approved suppliers with Solidworks software already installed. Details on how to order these MiniTower PC & Notebook computers are available at www.t4.ie/SW/Computers.html