Planning Main

Welcome to the Planning section of the PDST Technology in Education website. This section is currently evolving to incorporate new planning materials being developed in line with the objectives of the Digital Strategy for Schools (2015-2020), which replace the existing e-Learning Handbook and Roadmap. The new materials include the Digital Learning Framework (available below), and the Digital Learning Handbook (coming soon).

  • Digital Learning Framework

    The Digital Learning Framework has been developed to assist schools in effectively embedding digital technologies into teaching and learning. Find out More >
  • e-Learning Handbook

    PDST Technology in Educations e-Learning Handbook outlines the process of planning for e-Learning in your school and provides a step by step guide to the development of the school’s e-Learning Plan. The Handbook outlines the ... Find out More >
  • e-Learning Roadmap

    The e-Learning Roadmap is a planning tool designed to help your school identify where it currently is in relation to e-Learning, and the priority areas for e-Learning Development. It is available in printed and online format.... Find out More >
  • e-Learning Case Studies

    This section provides some scenarios on how different types of schools set about preparing their e-Learning Plans. These case studies provide practical ideas and information about how other schools have approached the develop... Find out More >
  • e-Learning Videos

    Our e-Learning Videos have been filmed in Irish schools and include examples of teachers integrating ICT in their classrooms, as well as interviews with students, teachers, principals and ICT co-ordinating teachers about e-Le... Find out More >
  • e-Learning Plan Templates

    Templates which can be used in the development of the school’s e-Learning Plan. The e-Learning Plan template can be adapted depending on the areas your school has decided to prioritise. The e-Learning audit templates are desi... Find out More >
  • Plean r-Fhoghlama

    Tá leagan Gaeilge den Lámhleabhar Ríomhfhoghlama agus a lán acmhainní eile ar fáil anseo. Find out More >